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Olga Schwartzkopf

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Olga has worked at Orris Law for over 35 years as a paralegal and research assistant to Glen Orris. Olga brings a myriad of experience to the firm, particularly in Forensic Sciences, and continues to provide clients with unprecedented support in their legal matters. She is responsible for screening all articling applications, and mentoring articling students passing through Orris Law.


Outside of Orris Law, Olga is a past Board member of the Rivershed Society of B.C. and held positions on Public Consultation issues, such as Fishers & Oceans; Municipal Water Quality and Source Protection; and Acid Precipitation & National Pollution issues (Air, Soil & Water), locally and federally.

Olga holds a BSc. in Agriculture from the University of British Columbia and unclassified studies in ecology, forestry and psychology.  She is an advocate of life long learning in a diversity of subjects.

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